All works composed by Lam Man Yee except*

Photo: Ringo Tang

Prelude 序曲 - 重溫往事(Piano & 2-channel digital soundtrack,theatrical)

Bed Time Stories 床邊故事 (Piano with Sound Processor)

Mao Variations 毛氏變奏曲 (2-channel digital soundtrack, video by Ringo Tang)

Three Soundscapes 三度聲音景觀 (Surround digital soundtrack, videos by Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer)

Five Easy Pieces 五首易典 (string quartet & piano)

a very quiet floWing    非常寧靜的流 (string quartet & piano, videos by Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer)

* Drone & Koan I for Man-yee 暡禪謎 by Bruce Gremo (Piano with laptop computer - MAX/MSP)


Lam Man-yee, piano Peter Fan, piano Michael Ma, 1st violin Fan Ting, 2nd violin Leung Kin Fung, viola Ray Wang, cello Lo Hau Man, conductor