Title Singer Award Label Year  
over 150 songs

various Hong Kong and Japanese artists

  various labels  
這是愛 Teddy Robin, Leslie Cheung, Danny Summer, Shirley Kwan   various labels 1982

Empty Chair

Danny Summer Winner, ABU Song Contest, Hong Kong final Warner 1985  

Story of Oshin

Judy Ong, Danny Summer Most populatr song of 1986, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong EMI 1986



Julie Su Best melody writer, Hong Kong TVB Solid Gold Award, Radio Television Hong Kong, Best Movie Theme Song, Hong Kong Film Awards Warner 1986  
海誓山盟 George Lam Best melody writer, Commercial Radio Hong Kong Warner 1988  
相愛 Checkers, Jacky Cheung      
幻影 Alan Tam, Danny Summer   Polygram 1981  
傾城之戀 Lisa Wang   Capital Artists 1984  




















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